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Home groups are a vital part of the Chapel’s life. They help develop the closer fellowship that is hard to find in large gatherings and provide an environment where people can give and receive care. We have groups for all ages with a range of styles and emphases. Independent of Home Groups, we also have a network of small groups who meet together for accountability and prayer that are arranged informally between people.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care takes place at several levels, with Home Group leaders forming the first line by providing care themselves and encouraging members of their group to do the same. Then there are the Elders, each called to be a pastor and to supervise the overall pastoral care programme. Finally, there are staff members who are called, trained and available to provide pastoral care. Don’t hesitate to contact one of these people if you need help.

Divorce Recovery Workshop

DIVORCE RECOVERY WORKSHOPS not being run currently at Hillcrest Chapel however we can absolutely link anyone to one so do not hesitate to call the number for the office shown on the website and we can get you in touch with the right people.


There is an identified need in our community to support for people who are going through separation, relationship breakdown and divorce. Currently there is an absence of groups to support people with these issues in the Hamilton area. As a church we are concerned about providing service to our community. We decided to pilot a course which has been very successful throughout the UK and has helped many people to recover from the pain of separation, relationship breakdown and divorce.
The materials from this organisation are used both nationally in the UK and internationally and are suitable for a New Zealand audience. By purchasing these materials Hillcrest Chapel has agreed to the fundamental principles of the DRW organisation (see www.drw.org.uk for these principles) and so is able to host these workshops. These workshops are suitable for people who either have or do not have a church background.


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