About us

Hillcrest Chapel is an "Open Brethren Assembly".  Like the other Open Brethren churches in New Zealand with which it is associated, it is autonomous.  A strong emphasis is placed on the participation of members in accordance with their gifts, in worship and in various ministries and activities. The church is led by Elders supported by other groups of people, as described below.  

The Elders provide overall leadership, vision, pastoral care and prayer. They are appointed, subject to congregational approval, for a five year term. At the end of five years they are eligible for reappointment.  

The Elders are:
Rob Gray, Chris Hill, Frances Mossop, Joanne Newman and Sione Naulivou.


We have seven people on the staff:  

Rob Gray | Pastor    Unavailable Mondays

Donna Cooney | Pastoral care worker (part-time)    Unavailable Mondays

Jennie Munro | Pastoral Care Worker (part-time)

Julie McKinnon Children's Ministry Co-ordinator   Available Wednesday and Thursday

Philippa Field | Part-time Office Administrator     Available Mon, Wed, Thurs

Anita Roberts-  Youth Pastor- Available Mon pm and Thursday am.

Lance Robinson- Youth Group Ministry Support