People helping people into a growing relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Who are We?

Hillcrest Chapel is an "Open Brethren Assembly".  Like the other Open Brethren churches in New Zealand with which it is associated, it is autonomous.  A strong emphasis is placed on the participation of members in accordance with their gifts, in worship and in various ministries and activities. The church is led by Elders supported by other groups of people, as described below.

We aim to be a Church that:

  • Focuses on the positive in matters of theology, practice and fellowship
  • Looks ahead rather than back, upwards rather than down, outwards rather than inwards
  • Is flexible enough to incorporate people from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds
  • Makes known the Good News in various ways and especially through the personal networks of its members
  • Recognises, develops and fully utilises the gifts that God gives for the good of the body and the wider community
  • Makes church involvement rewarding and interesting

Our Staff

Philippa Field

Part-time Office Administrator
Available Mon, Wed, Thurs

Donna Cooney

Counsellor and Pastoral care worker (part-time)

Zach and Kayla Mayo

Youth Ministries (Part-time)

Rachel Dixon

Children's Ministry Co-ordinator (Part-time)


Anna Mills

Frank Scrimgeour


Julie Davies-Colley

Jason McKinnon

Bill Pawley

Joanne Newman

Jim Bier

The Elders provide overall leadership, vision, pastoral care and prayer. They are appointed, subject to congregational approval, for a five year term. At the end of five years they are eligible for reappointment.  


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